1. HOLYWOOD” premiere

    05 Nov 2021
    Holywood in-person premiere at the Philosophical Research Society, November 4, 2021. Official Trailer Event details and tickets

  2. HOLYWOOD” streaming premiere

    25 Mar 2021
    It’s a great honor to be included in “Holywood” “Holywood” is an in-depth exploration into one of the most misunderstood yet profound locations in Los Angeles. Located directly underneath the iconic Hollywood sign resides an incredibly dense and eclectic spiritual community mostly overshadowed by the glitz and glamour of the…


    18 Mar 2021
    EMS visited the studio in February 2021 and produced this 17 minute short film. I discuss the origins of my work with the pendulum, Thought-Forms and Theosophy, my performances at the Philosophical Research Society and Nicodim Gallery, and preview new work: Watch “MICHAEL CARTER: THE SPIRITUAL IN ART”

  4. Exhibition: Personal Contacts #5

    16 Dec 2020
    Personal Contacts #5  Durden and Ray, Los Angeles, CA  September 26—October 17, 2020 Personal Contacts #5  focuses on unseen or missed conversations that have occurred or failed to occur during quarantine. 

  5. Hilma af Klint: Theosophist

    25 Apr 2020
    Video of my lecture, “Hilma af Klint, Theosophist,” is now available. “Artist and educator Michael Carter (MFA, Claremont Graduate University) discusses the work of Swedish painter and occultist, Hilma af Klint, (1862-1944). Subject of many recent museum exhibitions—including most-attended-ever exhibits at the Guggenheim, New York and the Moderna Museet, Stockholm—her…

  6. Exhibition: Pineal Eye Infection

    22 Feb 2020
    Pineal Eye Infection curated by Aaron Moulton February 11 - March 28, 2020 Seasons 676 North Spring Street, 90012 The impulse to transcend… Ever experienced it? Believe it or not it’s quite natural, often painful and most times disappointing. I want to talk about that here today  We are mysteries…

  7. Lecture: Ojai Valley Theosophical Lodge, January 7

    29 Dec 2019
    I will be speaking at the Ojai Valley Theosophical Society on the work and theosophical influences of Hilma af Klint. The lecture is on January 7, 2020 at 7pm. More information is available here.  

  8. The Complications of Hilma af Klint, Philosophical Research Society, August 14

    15 Aug 2019
    By now, many people are familiar with the story of Swedish painter and occultist, Hilma af Klint (1862-1944). Subject of several major museum exhibitions—including most-attended-ever exhibits at the Guggenheim, New York and the Moderna Museet, Stockholm—her vibrant, innovative, and highly metaphysical paintings have firmly entered the public consciousness and are…