The Floating Gallery presents California Sober 

California Sober showcases eleven artists working with themes of transcendence, psychedelics, religiosity, intoxication and beauty. Exploring the urge at the heart of the California experience, both the pleasures and dangers of this mythos, with its endless cycles of renewal, against a timeless landscape of sun and sea, mountains and desert. Our choice to look deeply becomes the ultimate trip. 

Charley Alexander, Matthew Carter, Michael Carter, Cherie Benner Davis, Jay Erker, Nefertiti Jenkins, Alex Kerr, Matt Lifson, Mary Anna Pomonis, Hayley Quentin, and Lorenzo Hurtado Segovin. 

Curated by Matthew Carter

The Floating Gallery

Opening Reception Saturday July 8th, 6pm – 8pm. 

California Sober is on view July 8th through July 29th. 

Gallery Hours: Fri 12 – 3pm, Sat 12 – 6pm, Sun 12 – 3pm & by scheduled appointment.