Symbology series, 2013
All works archival inkjet prints, black enameled specimen pins, cork, and birch plywood
30 x 45 - 20 x 30 in


Appetite for Destruction, 2011
Roast pig, champagne, chef's knives, white candles, plastic champagne glasses, stainless-steel serving platter, stainless-steel ice bucket, stainless-steel candle holders, white cotton tablecloth, and folding table

"My piece, Appetite for Destruction, explores the role of ideology in social practice. By investigating the embedded but often overlooked content of the ubiquitous reception table, I will stage an encounter where the expectations of interaction are unknown and uncertain. My piece will pose the question: Do the ideological assumptions of contemporary social practice limit the goal of individual empowerment? Ultimately, does power only grow out of the—metaphorical or actual—barrel of a gun?" - July 24, 2011