HOLYWOOD” streaming premiere

It’s a great honor to be included in “Holywood”:

“Holywood” is an in-depth exploration into one of the most misunderstood yet profound locations in Los Angeles. Located directly underneath the iconic Hollywood sign resides an incredibly dense and eclectic spiritual community mostly overshadowed by the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry. From the Theosophical Society to the Vedanta Church of Hollywood to The Philosophical Research Society, the documentary asks the question “why here?” While most arrive in Hollywood seeking superstardom, many have arrived seeking a more significant meaning to life and the poetry within this contrast is undoubtably remarkable.


Enlisting the help of various scholars on the subject including PEN award winning author Mitch Horowitz, President of the Philosophical Research Society Greg Salyer, spiritual author Maja D’aoust, Bishop of Ecclesia Gnostica Dr. Stephan Hoeller, historian Hadley Meares, artist Michael Carter and many others, a mystical truth is quickly discovered, revealing a sacred land that has been enriched by esoteric ideas from the very beginning.

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Streaming premier March 25, 2021

Full release Summer 2021